Melanie posted by Melanie   July 6, 2010

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Meet Eli Promise

Happy Tuesday everyone, and yes it's a happy one for me because I get to introduce to you our newborn son, Eli Promise... After 28 hours of labour (I know... crazy right?), Eli was born weighing 7lbs 15oz. He's only 8 days old and proving to be already such a cool kid! As our friend Femi wrote on my facebook wall: "the globe's in need of a makeover. it needs an Eli. it certainly needs a Promise. can share your excitement, as Eli arrives." And he's finally here...  
Here's just a few photos of our little guy at 3 days and 6 days.  
**Justin and I want to give a big shout out to my midwives Isabelle & Meghan and to the nurses and doctors at the Guelph Genereal Hospital. They were so amazing during our stay there. We also want to thank so many of you for your lovely comments and for loving Eli already**