Melanie posted by Melanie   August 2, 2010


Little Miss Charlotte

This precious little girl was only 2 weeks old when we photographed her this past Saturday up in Timmins. Her mother Wendy was in the wedding party the day before that we photographed, and at the last minute she asked if we could take some shots of her newborn before we left to head back home... and of course I'm up for newborn babies anytime, so I said yeppers :)  
When we arrived, bright and early at their house, their 20 month old Jackson was waiting to welcome us and he was such a cutie. You could tell how much he totally loved his new sister with all of the little kisses he was giving her... awww!  
I really loved this shoot because Chris is a musician and we were able to incorporate his passion in the photos... which is so fun to do!  
Chris & Wendy, thanks for inviting us to take some of these great memories of your lovely family! You 4 are fab!