Melanie posted by Melanie   September 27, 2010



It's important to me.  
To be a model.  
I'm not referring to the fashion icon, but rather the person who can be used as an example to follow or imitate.  
Every day I have the chance to be a model... by the way I tweet, what I choose to wear, who I choose to surround myself with...etc. I know people are always watching. Every move you make. And it's important to me that I make the right moves. Not for the sake of approval but for the sake of personal integrity.  
Last weekend I took some of my lovely youth girls to the annual Perfectly Flawed Conference in London. This year some of them participated as models in the epic fashion show. They did fabulously. I am definitely proud of these ladies... how beautiful they are and mostly how beautiful their hearts are!  
It is for these girls that I take modeling so seriously.