Melanie posted by Melanie   November 10, 2010


Adam, Wendy, Carter & Hunter | Niagara Falls

Adam, Justin and I go way back... to college days. Actually, Justin & I first met because Adam asked us to be on his music team. So we spent our first year playing music together. If Justin were writing this post he'd probably say something like "thanks man for introducing me to my hot wife". No seriously, if you know Justin, you know that he would. HA!  
Speaking of hot wives, Adam has one of those... and two beautiful twin boys. We spent a perfect day photographing these four in Niagara Falls! Besides the weather being beautiful, it's never hard to get together with friends to help them create some fun memories of their family!  
Carter & Hunter were SO great in front of the camera... even though Wendy kept asking Carter to "smile properly", I was loving every moment of his awesome personality :)  
Of course, a trip to Niagara Falls also means a trip to the Hershey Factory. And a trip to the Hershey factory must be documented with a film... so enjoy this short film and this wonderful family!