Melanie posted by Melanie   April 30, 2011


Twins Noah & Lucas

I can't even imagine how they do it everyday with... TWINS!  
I like to call these people "super parents" because having just one little baby on your hands is a lot of work, but having two is a completely different story. Thank God for family and friends who love to help :)  
Noah & Lucas were about a month old when we had the chance to photograph them last Monday. I asked Peter 'who was who' and he said "I have no idea, we just took their hospital bracelets off today!" Too funny. But of course, Kathy knew right away! I was so impressed with her and how she made having twins look easy!!! Champion.  
I just have to mention that there are a few "special" photos that wouldn't mean much to you, unless I told you. They had several walls blanketed with frames of old family photographs. Each wall was designated to a different side of their family. So we took a few shots with each parent standing in front of their family wall. I'm sure some of these photos will find their way on a wall one day!  
I hope you enjoy these photos of your growing family... You are a special bunch :)