Melanie posted by Melanie   June 25, 2011


Ashley & Mark | Wedding

I love walking into a bride's home, feeling the anticipation in the air. It's exciting and electric.  
And this time around, it was that x100! Most, if not all, of Ashley's Italian family joined her at her parents home for photos and yummy treats before the ceremony. It was really special to watch her walk down the stairs and hear the "awes" and "oohs" from the people who love her the most.  
She looked ridiculously beautiful. And full of smiles. All day... And Mark was as cool as he usually is, also in awe of his new bride.  
It was such an honour to be part of it all. I honestly felt like a family member, celebrating with them...  
I think you'll be able to really sense how beautiful their wedding was as you watch this short film Justin put together... and believe me, he outdid himself this time!!  
Ashley & Mark, we know your honeymoon is probably as thrilling as your life together will surely be :)  
Congrats again!!