Melanie posted by Melanie   September 20, 2011


Baby Ella

There's not many times when I'm asked to spend time with a baby whose just over 5lbs!  
Thankfully, I have the best job. Ever.  
I talk to many photographers who really don't enjoy newborn photography. It's just "not their thing"...which is completely understandable. As for me, It's completely "my thing".  
I love newborns. They are fresh and sweet, cuddly and cute, unique and... always a miracle!  
Baby Ella was all those things... and... Yes, I was especially impressed with her for not peeing on me!! She spent over an hour without her diaper on and no peeing :) Thank you miss Ella for being the best little model. It was completely our pleasure for having the chance to spend some time with you!  
We hope you enjoy this short film & photos of this precious miracle.