Melanie posted by Melanie   August 15, 2012


Gabriel | One Year

Time is flying by and it's blowing my mind... just a little.  
My friend Christine & I were having this very talk the other day. Is time passing more quickly because we are getting older or because we are mothers now? Well, there's no doubt that our little ones keep us busy everyday with all their special moments.  
One year is a special moment. So much happens in one year. In Gabe's case, he's learned to sit up, crawl, eat, and walk all before his first birthday. Amazing! It's at these milestones that I realize I have a great job. It's my privilege to capture something that will never happen again.  
Chris & Christine, keep on enjoying these (crazy) months... soon they will be a memory, and you will have a 2 year old!  
Love you guys xox