Melanie posted by Melanie   August 27, 2012


Michelle & Ryan | Proposal

I was so excited to have my sister Michelle come visit us before she heads out for Geneva for 4 months. I was even more excited when Michelle's boyfriend emailed me asking if I could help him surprise her with his proposal. That may have been the longest week... EVER. The anticipation almost killed me, but we did it! She was so surprised.  
This is how it went down: I knew Michelle would want some new photos of her and Eli together, so I told her that we could take a Saturday morning walk down the Niagara parkway and take some there. Conveniently, we stopped at the Royal Botanical Gardens so that Eli could run freely. What she didn't know was that Ryan (who was supposed to be in Vancouver) was waiting there to surprise her. I had her stand between two rows of trees so I could get my camera settings "just right". She had no idea he was behind her. It was priceless!!  
Thank you Ryan for inviting us to be part of such a special moment in your lives!  
We are so happy for the two you :)  
Much love xox