Melanie posted by Melanie   November 19, 2016


Monique & Ben | Wedding

"I only want to things in this world.  
I want you and  
I want us."  
Monique and Ben's love story is pretty special, I think. I love the fact that Ben could see ahead to his wedding day with Monique when no one else could see it. He knew what he wanted and he waited... and waited until Monique was ready to reciprocate the same love!  
And his persistence and perseverance paid off.  
I'm so happy to share these pics of Mr & Mrs. Their day was complete with all of the beautiful details that Monique put together herself (side note: if you ever need any chalk art - or art of any kind - Monique at Chalk & Charm is your girl!!!  
We wish you the very best and hope you love these photos of your amazing day!

Melanie posted by Melanie   May 3, 2016


Monique & Ben | Engagement

We've known these two since they were just Jr Highs! Monique was shy and super talented and Ben was outgoing and equally musically talented. We played with these two week after week and are so proud of who they have become and where they are heading.  
Back then, we would've never guessed that these two lives would come together... and to hear both their hearts and what they envision for their future is SO inspiring and exciting!  
Monique and Ben, you two should know that life is full of unexpected surprises of ups and downs, but as long as you tackle them together you will be just fine! Praying the best for you!  
Thanks for exploring Niagara-On-The-Lake with us... we hope you enjoy these memories!  

Melanie posted by Melanie   December 9, 2015


Leah & Allen | Brazil Engagement

I believe in second chances because I believe in mercy and love. I recognize that life doesn't always go the way we originally planned and when the unexpected happens, all you can do is cry, pray, lean on your friends, learn, grow, find a man who loves you, get engaged on an airplane, and spend a week in Brazil celebrating your love! ;)  
What can we possibly say about Brazil except: VIVA BRAZIL and the many memories we have with these two. We had such a fun week of playing music, exploring Fortaleza, enjoying the beaches, eating amazing food and taking some engagement photos!  
We only had one morning to do these photos, so we got up really early and drove 40 minutes to what I've claimed to be "the best beach I've ever seen"... Not ever, have I seen such a large beach as clean AND clear of anything but sand. It was honestly such a dream beach to take these photos. Wow.  
I'm so happy that we could be part of such an exciting time in your lives and we are so honoured to watch your love story develop!!  
Cannot wait until June!!  
Love you guys xo

Melanie posted by Melanie   July 13, 2015


Katelyn & Daniel | Wedding

We are so happy to present to you Mr & Mrs Daniel & Katelyn. We've known Mrs. for awhile now... with many special memories back in her teen years. We are so proud to see where life has taken her and who she's chosen to journey with. These two are perfect match!  
It was an honour to witness them take their wedding vows in such a beautiful and serene forest at Camp Kintails. These type of unique locations are just the best! I love when you can feel like you are in "another world" on the most important day of your life.  
Thank you to the staff at Camp Kintails for being so incredibly kind during our stay.  
We hope you enjoy these photos of this fun & kindhearted couple!!  
Love you guys xo

Melanie posted by Melanie   May 13, 2015


Baby Lily

We are proud to introduce our friends newborn baby... Lily.  
She's the sweetest, squishiest little sweetheart you ever did see!  
Brady and Brittany, I know your hearts are so full with the new life in your home. Your'e already parenting like champs!  
Remember, especially in the early days, that the days may seem long but the years are short.  
Enjoy your time with Lily!  
Excited for you guys.. xo Mel & Justin

Melanie posted by Melanie   April 6, 2015


Baby Bianca

We are so happy for our friends who have just added a beautiful baby girl to their family!  
We hope that she brings so much joy to your lives. I know God has put this little treasure in your care for a reason... So everyday, as you do your best to raise her up remember this:  
"Your greatest contribution to the world may not be something you do, but someone you raise!"  
Let us introduce to you, Bianca... xo

Melanie posted by Melanie   December 11, 2014


Baby Hudson

We were so happy to hear about the arrival of baby Hudson. Our friends, Aaron and Kariann, are now blessed with three beautiful boys!  
When you have more than one child, it's interesting to watch them grow and to find out how they will differ from each other... because it's all quite the mystery. It reminds me of this quote:  
"'Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.'  
-Kate Douglas Wiggin  
You two deserve every bit of happiness that Hudson will bring to you and your family!  
Congrats again on another Mr. handsome :)  

Melanie posted by Melanie   November 5, 2014


The Smith Family

Over the past two years, we've had the privilege of getting to know this lovely family.  
As I observe them all together, it brings me back to my childhood, where my dad was the lone guy of the house with 3 girls! I have to say it takes a real, good, strong man to be around that much estrogen! Sooooo good on ya Pete! Ha!  
These three sisters kept us laughing. Their unique, bold, sweet, fun, silly, and serious personalities really come through in these photos!  
Mel & Peter, It's so great to be able to capture these memories for your family... you're really blessed with lovely girls!  

Melanie posted by Melanie   October 15, 2014


Sarah & Scott | Wedding

We left Sarah and Scott's wedding feeling "FULL". Our hearts were overwhelmed with joy for our friends, and how beautiful their day went. It was a very different wedding held at Camp Joshua... by the end of the night we were all in our jeans, covered with blankets, eating s'mores around a campfire. I was quite surprised at how they were able to have such a regal YET relaxed day. It was truly a perfect way to reflect who they are and what they love.  
Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Sarah and Scott chose to love each other forever.  
One of my favourite quotes is:  
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" - Mignon McLaughlin  
I hope that you will find joy, adventure, and contentment in this next season of your relationship. Love M&J

Melanie posted by Melanie   September 25, 2014


Beverley & Brett | Wedding

We are so happy for Bev & Brett! We enjoyed such a beautiful day, with a few surprises along the way.  
I like surprises, and I've seen most things at weddings... but I've never seen a bride sing her way down the aisle :)  
It was unique and touching.  
The mix of culture and colour, friends and family, mentors and interns made for a very inspiring day.  
I stepped away from the wedding thinking that these two are surrounded by a lot of people who love them because they themselves have been loved.  
I pray that your days are filled with dreams, hope, love, and grace.  
We are blessed to know you two!

Melanie posted by Melanie   September 17, 2014


Leah's World

These three make me happy... and it's a good thing too, because we spend a lot of time together!  
Our boys play and fight like their brothers, and little Miss is always trying her best to keep up.  
I love that we're making memories together, and having a lot of fun doing it.  
Leah, I'm glad I was able to capture a little bit of your world. I hope that it will be a reminder to you that your kiddies were this small, and they looked to you be braver and stronger than they are. Your hands were really full, but your heart was always fuller.  
One day, they will be brave and strong enough to be on their own, but for now, keep on making those precious deposits into their little memory banks... they'll love you for it.  

Melanie posted by Melanie   August 28, 2014


Baby Davian

We are so happy for our friends who welcomed a baby BOY into their family of FIVE!  
Davian has two beautiful older sisters who already love him so much, and I know that dad is thrilled to have his boy :)  
We are honoured that we were able to capture some of your first memories of Davian. He's such a sweet baby and I know that he is so blessed to be in such a loving home.  
I pray only the best for your family in the upcoming months as you grow into a new groove with Davian.  
We hope you will enjoy these photos for years to come.  
Much love.  

Melanie posted by Melanie   August 18, 2014


Sarah & Scott | Engagement

I get a wee bit emotional when I think about these two, and how far they've come on their life journey.  
We've experienced some of our funnest, ridiculous, important, and proudest moments with them.  
We couldn't do what we do without them and we wouldn't be who we are without their friendship and love for our family.  
Sarah and Scott, we appreciate and love you both... We can't wait to be part of your most special wedding day in just over a MONTH!  
Let's party :)  

Melanie posted by Melanie   May 5, 2014


Baby Jude

"If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart"  
This quote was recently posted by Jude's mommy and it is the perfect description of what his parents feel as they begin as a family of FIVE!  
Jude spent his first couple of weeks in the NICU, and it was no doubt a difficult time for the whole family. But as prayers were lifted up by so many friends and family, little mister began to make some amazing improvements... and then finally, the teeny babe was home, and we were able to capture some beautiful memories of his miraculous life. We never want to forget these days when they are this little, but they just seem to fly by.  
We are honoured again friends for being able to capture your beautiful family. We love you guys :)

Melanie posted by Melanie   March 3, 2014


Baby Ava

There's something that I think most everyone can agree on: the preciousness of a new baby being born. It's ALWAYS a miracle.  
This new little girl graced this earth in January, and we had the privilege to capture some of her first (cutest) moments.  
A big thank you to her parents for having us photograph another important family moment.  
We think you two, I mean three, are such a wonderful family.  
And we know that as you grow as a family, your love will deepen as individuals.  
Babies, really do make us better humans, don't they :)  
Miss Ava, may you live out your life with much grace, joy & love!  
We hope you enjoy this short film & photos. xo.

Melanie posted by Melanie   December 4, 2013


Baby Gabriel

Yay for babies. What a miracle they are. You have one, and you think "how could this be", then you have another and that feeling is multiplied. It's amazing how your love can grow like that!  
I had the privilege of photographing Gabriel's big sister Vivienne when she was a newborn. So it's always an honour when families have us back to document their second babes.  
Mommy & Daddy, you are two amazing parents who are blessed with two lovely children. I hope that as your family settles into being "four" that your love for each other will grow beyond your imagination!  
You're just fabulous, that is all :)

Melanie posted by Melanie   September 13, 2013


Michelle & Ryan | Gambrel Barn Wedding

I love when things come together the way you hoped they would. It makes all the planning and preparation worth the while! Michelle & Ryan's Barn wedding turned out beautiful, just the way she wanted. So many people worked hard so that on the day we could all enjoy ourselves and celebrate these two.  
Now my littlest sister is married to a wonderful man, and I'm so proud of her for choosing a great family to be part of... Of course, Ryan you already know what you're getting into -- "Boudreau Time!" -- and there's more of that to come ;)  
As you journey this life TOGETHER, remember that Love conquers all.  
We believe in you and love you very much!  

Melanie posted by Melanie   August 26, 2013


Will & Suzie | Wedding

These two. SO fun!  
We seriously had a blast spending the day with Will & Suzie and their friends and families. I'm pretty sure it's one of the funnest weddings we've been to in a while... How can I say that? Well, my cheeks were sore by the time we left from all the laughing we did!  
The northern wedding was perfect at Victoria Harbour, with not a cloud in the sky! We enjoyed the ceremony in a cute little church, with a walk by the water, and the reception at a cottage. It was so relaxing for everyone involved :)  
Will & Suzie, I hope that you two can look back on these photos for the rest of your life and remember, with pure joy, where it all began as "one"!  
Much love from us to you!