Melanie posted by Melanie   December 9, 2015


Leah & Allen | Brazil Engagement

I believe in second chances because I believe in mercy and love. I recognize that life doesn't always go the way we originally planned and when the unexpected happens, all you can do is cry, pray, lean on your friends, learn, grow, find a man who loves you, get engaged on an airplane, and spend a week in Brazil celebrating your love! ;)  
What can we possibly say about Brazil except: VIVA BRAZIL and the many memories we have with these two. We had such a fun week of playing music, exploring Fortaleza, enjoying the beaches, eating amazing food and taking some engagement photos!  
We only had one morning to do these photos, so we got up really early and drove 40 minutes to what I've claimed to be "the best beach I've ever seen"... Not ever, have I seen such a large beach as clean AND clear of anything but sand. It was honestly such a dream beach to take these photos. Wow.  
I'm so happy that we could be part of such an exciting time in your lives and we are so honoured to watch your love story develop!!  
Cannot wait until June!!  
Love you guys xo